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What there is to know about lip fillers

Lip fillers have become an increasingly popular treatment choice since the rise in celebrities admitting to having had them. There are several different brands on the market and each practitioner has their own technique of placing the fillers.
Lip fillers can increase volume, change shape of lip, give increased lip definition and correct natural asymmetry if needed. Before my patients are booked in to have lip fillers I give them the following information and ask these questions to ensure that they are fully aware of the pros and cons of lip fillers, and if also I am the right clinician to be treating them.
Firstly fillers are temporary in the result they give, usually lasting anywhere from 3-9 months. There are different densities of filler each giving a different result. For example Belotero Intense can be used to give volume to lips but is not suitable for definition of lip line or correction of smokers lines. For that I would use a lighter more fluid product such as Belotero Balance which works beautifully for giving a crisp lip line and taking away those vertical ‘bar code’ lines. All injections carry a risk of bacterial infection, bruising is very common, lumps that may stay awhile or very gradually disappear and there is a possibility of unintentionally placing product in a blood vessel upon injecting which requires immediate removal of the product. The benefits of placing a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler is that your practitioner should carry an agent that can dissolve it if necessary, so all HA fillers are reversible.
What I also take time to discuss with my patients is what it is they hope to achieve with the fillers and what it is I can give them. I believe the two visions, my patient and I, should marry up, as there are many ways to treat the lips and the results can be amazing if we are both in agreement as to what can be achieved. Occasionally the answer I give is to do nothing at all, if there is a great natural full looking lip, it is not always wise to tamper with nature.
It is also not just younger women wanting fuller lips as those of the celebrities they admire. A lot of my work is on older women, as we age our lips deflate with loss of volume, and correction of that can result in a younger looking woman/man but with a very natural result.
Hope this helps anyone considering having lip fillers, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I serve clients in Walsall, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

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