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Smile Makeover

Beauty starts with a smile, so transform your smile with our stunning makeover techniques and boost your confidence. New Light can help you re-discover your youth using non-surgical solutions.

New Light provide Smile Makeovers to patients in Walsall, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a transformation of a smile to make you look better and feel more confident. An improved smile can be achieved using many different methods and techniques, including; whitening teeth, closing gaps, adjusting length or shape of teeth, aligning crowded teeth or replacing missing teeth. We have undertaken many smile makeovers over the years and really enjoy seeing patients smile with confidence. 

Before and After Photos


What are the options?

During the initial consultation we will advise you of all your possible options, including options we may not be able to undertake but would be in your best interests. For example implants to restore a missing tooth as opposed to a bridge or denture. In those cases we can make appropriate referrals. So you can have complete confidence that we have your best interests in mind at all times.

I am also now a Fastbraces practitioner. Fastbraces are a real alternative for correcting teeth alignment without the need for extraction of healthy teeth in most cases. Fastbraces can be used on adults and children, although it is not available on the NHS. Find out more at

Treatment Prices

Please contact us for pricing details on our range of smile makeover treatments.