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Introducing NEW 3D Lipomed

We at Brownhills dental practice are super excited to bring you the new 3D Lipomed.

I was introduced to this new area of non surgical fat loss by a colleague of mine in London. At the time she was raving about the results of cryolipolysis. I became interested and after a year of research I invested in 3D Lipomed. As not only does cryolipolysis have its place in removing a pocket of fat but cavitation has its place in removing overall circumferential fat. Then it can skin tighten through RF (radio frequency) the loose skin after fat reduction and through a combination of features it can treat cellulite too! This version is only found on medical premises and we are proud to offer it here in Brownhills.

So ladies and gents if you’d like to know whether we can help you in slimming down or losing that stubborn area of fat that just won’t go, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced nurses can answer any of your questions. Consultations are free and necessary for us to formulate a treatment plan as we combine the various functions to get the best result.